Importance of Photography in North Vancouver

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Photography has a wide impact on the sale of products and services. Images can have many functions by attracting the audience’s attention, simplifying concepts and increasing the appeal of a product or service. Since photos tell the story, the importance of photography in advertising and digital marketing is high. The rules of marketing are always changing, but what remains almost constant in marketing is attracting the attention of the audience through the presentation of visual content in a quality and creative way. In the following article, we will explain the importance of Photography in North Vancouver and its impact on the growth of your business.

Photography in North Vancouver

Different types of Photography in North Vancouver

Industrial photography

This style, which is one of the main branches of photography, is mostly used for companies and factories. Captured images of employees at work, industrial equipment, and machinery are great for showing what’s going on in a manufacturing or service company. Most of these images are published in advertising projects of companies, such as various magazines, websites, social network posts, etc. If you own a factory in Canada or if you are working in the industrial field, we offer you this type of Photography in North Vancouver.

 Advertising photography in Northshore

This type of photography is the most widespread style of photography. Modelling photography, product photography, ambient photography, portrait photography and architectural photography are examples of advertising photography. This type of Photography in North Vancouver plays an important role in advertising and digital marketing.

Clothing photography in Downtown

Professional clothing photography is usually done for two reasons:

  • Use in social networks, website banners, product catalogues, etc.
  • Use on the website in a simple way (white background) to show the texture and material of the clothes.

Jewellery photography in North Vancouver

One of the businesses that usually face problems in digital marketing activities is the jewellery industry. Capturing the charm and beauty of jewellery requires years of experience and powerful equipment that often can’t be achieved with personal photography. In addition to jewellery, rhinestones, coins, earrings and rings should also be photographed in a way that displays their attractiveness, and only a professional photographer can do so.

Photography in North Vancouver

Cosmetics Photography in North Vancouver

Cosmetics Photography with a play of colours can have a huge impact on the success of your advertising campaign. Creativity and professional equipment are the two main factors of cosmetics photography that, if integrated with the experience of a professional photography team, can produce excellent results for any business. If your field of activity in Kitsilano is the sale of cosmetics and you would like to have wonderful photos of your products, the Ramikar team is ready to photograph your products professionally.

Photography in North Vancouver

Importance of Photography in digital marketing

When it comes to digital marketing or online marketing, visual communication with the audience on the web becomes very important. If a user interacts with visual content, he or she is about 80% more likely to read the rest of the article.

Give the narration to the picture!

An image is perhaps worth more than 1000 words of textual content. Can you believe that? A creative photo can convey messages, ideas and feelings in the best way possible. Attractive photos on websites and social media pages can be narrators and convey the message very effectively. Using photography in North Vancouver helps companies visually tell their success stories. Also, photography can introduce the products and services of any business in the best way.

High impact on customers

Research has shown that the effect of the first impact lasts only 7 seconds, and in this time interval, the best tool is to have an attractive image to display. Due to the high number of articles and text content, people may forget the text they read some time ago, but it isn’t so easy to delete an image recorded in people’s minds.

Customer satisfaction

Another reason for the importance of photography in Vancouver west is Customer satisfaction. demonstrating customer satisfaction with designed images is required, especially for service providers. But what do we mean by that?  For example, recording happy pictures of a restaurant’s customers and sharing them on social networks directly creates more customer interaction and increases sales. That’s why Photography in North Vancouver and UBS is one of the most important things that you should consider in your business strategies.

Look professional

Having professional and high-quality photos of products gives customers more confidence and make them feel at ease about working with a professional collection. In your opinion, websites with high-quality images are more credible or those that did not perform well in photography?

Organic users visit the website

Linking images posted on social networks to your online shop can increase traffic to your website. Of course, the image should be attractive and it should be able to reflect the identity of your store. So great images will also affect SEO.

Smart and strong communication

People trust what they see more than what they hear. It is said that more than 90% of human communication is visual and people immediately understand the logic behind images. Therefore, for the customer to enter the sales funnel or view your content, it is important to use images, especially graphic photos with meaning.


The digital world is a great platform to increase revenue and grow your business. You just need to know the right tools to go forward in this platform and use them wisely. Photography is one of the most important factors that various businesses that have websites pay attention to. Images have a greater impact on users compared to text content. Considering this topic and paying attention to the points mentioned in this article, we recommend you entrust the photography of your products and services to experts. Ramikar Enterprise is a full-service creative agency that can help your businesses to grow and prosper online. You can contact us for Photography in North Vancouver.

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