What are the websites that are Non-e-commerce in North Vancouver?

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Do you know that websites have different types? Since the advent of the internet, websites have become a great channel for presenting and interacting online; people, businesses and brands are using these platforms for different purposes. Currently, the number of Internet users exceeds 5.4 billion; additionally, these people spend 7 hours browsing the internet, on average! Undoubtedly, a web page is the first point to have visibility in the digital world: it’s estimated that in 2023 the number of websites worldwide will exceed 2,000 million, which shows that you have to be present in the universe of the World Wide Web if you want to be successful! There are different types of websites, and one of them is a non-e-commerce website. In this article, our spotlight is on Non-E-commerce in North Vancouver.

Non-e-commerce in North Vancouver

What is Non-E-commerce in North Vancouver?

A website’s main and most important purpose is to provide useful information to update or educate users. There’re many other types of websites as well. A None-e-commerce website in Canada is generally used for casual objectives and purposes and not for selling products and services online. To better understand what non-e-commerce websites mean, let’s first look at the e-commerce website:

E-commerce websites created in Northshore for online purchases. These kinds of websites allow your business to make transactions with customers online. One of the features of E-commerce websites in Downtown is that they show the updated catalogue of a brand’s products and all the information necessary for the purchase decision: materials, dimensions or sizes, price, shipping time, discounts (when available), places of delivery, types of payment (bank cards, Paypal, electronic transfers, coupons, etc.). But in the other type of websites; Non-e-commerce in North Vancouver, you won’t see these topics and items.

Why do I need a Non-E-commerce in North Vancouver?

One of the main common thoughts web users usually have is that they’ve never planned to have a site because they don’t have anything to sell, so why do they need a website?! The truth is you don’t need to sell anything to have a website because your website is your online or digital property. You can do whatever you want with it and express your thoughts and ideas.

What can I do with my Non-E-commerce website?

As we said, you can do whatever you wish with your non-e-commerce website in Kitsilano. There are many types of websites that don’t intend to sell any products/services online, but they still have numerous visitors every day! Let’s see what you can do with your non-e-commerce website in Vancouver west:

Portfolio website

It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer, copywriter, artist or you’re the best in your field, your potential customers need proof of your skills. Websites that are Non-E-commerce in North Vancouver can help you give your clients the proof that they need! If you have a portfolio of your work such as articles, design projects or other things, post it on your non-e-commerce website in UBC. In this way, you will show your talent, build trust and reach the desired audience.

News website

Another way to use websites that are Non-E-commerce in North Vancouver is to share news of your hometown or news about a specific business or industry field. For example, Uspelite.bg is one of the Bulgarian non-e-commerce websites that share tons of inspiring and positive news. Over time your website becomes an institution and a great source of reliable information!


You may think that blogs are going out of fashion, but this isn’t true! The way that you build your blog is so important. Blogs are one of the popular types of Non-E-commerce in North Vancouver which are the easiest way to express your thoughts and ideas and build a connection with your target audience. Marketing blogs, business blogs, health blogs, beauty blogs, history blogs, fashion blogs, etc. are some of the examples that you can have in your mind to use them.

Non-e-commerce in North Vancouver

E-learning website

Can you teach? Do you dream of having your digital academy where your students can learn from your expertise and knowledge? What you need is a website for e-learning materials such as articles, videos, tests, books and etc. you can share your knowledge through a non-e-commerce website with your audience. Programming, digital marketing, accounting and many more are some of the examples that you can use.

Charity websites

If you want to be part of something meaningful, something bigger which helps others, you may need a website for charity causes. Through this type of website, you can inform a wide audience about significant events.

Non-e-commerce in North Vancouver


Another idea for websites that are Non-E-commerce in North Vancouver is to use this platform as a forum to build communities and share your experiences and opinions with others. Over time your website will be a precious source full of experiences and information. Note that reviews and recommendations are a fundamental part of the decision-making process, even if they are from the experiences of total strangers! Some examples of forums are gaming forums, professional forums, teen forums and etc. In addition, you can create any content or talk about any topic you’re good at on your non-e-commerce website.


In this article, we talked about the non-e-commerce website and the difference between it and the e-commerce website. Website design is not just for businesses to sell their products and services. Anyone with skills or who wants to share their knowledge with others can take advantage of non-e-commerce in North Vancouver by designing a great and complete website. But the question is which company can design my non-e-commerce website?

Ramikar Enterprise is a full-service creative agency that can help you build and design your Non-E-commerce website in North Vancouver. With the help of Ramikar team designers, you can have a great website with different capabilities and features. All you need to do is to contact our team!

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