What Is Fashion Photography In Vancouver?

Do you know the importance of fashion photography in Vancouver? Fashion photography in Canada is a type of photography that focuses on the display of fashion clothing and items. Fashion photography usually features models wearing the display items and it’s common on advertising boards and in fashion magazines. Some of the most important techniques to learn this type of photography are understanding new trends and creating new ones and of course, using past ones as inspiration. Fashion photographers in Burnaby not only ensure that the correct photo has been taken but also check the clothing, hair, and make-up of models. In this article, the spotlight is on fashion photography and its importance. If you’re interested in fashion and want to know more, this article can help you!

Fashion Photography In North Vancouver

Definition of Fashion Photography In Vancouver

Fashion photography in Vancouver is a genre of photography concerned with displaying clothing and other fashion items. This popular type of photography is most often conducted for advertisements or magazines, including many familiar household names such as Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Vogue or Vanity Fair. Some people can’t divide “Street Style” photography from “Fashion” photography.

One of the most important features of fashion photography in Coquitlam that makes this genre of photography different from “Street Style” photography is the use of professional models, hair stylists, fashion stylists, accessories and makeup artists.

The Importance Of Fashion Photography In Vancouver

A professional fashion photographer’s job is to take the uniqueness of each model, garment and set by highlighting their truly important qualities. This type of photography in west Vancouver should not be thought of as just photos of clothes, but more so the feeling it creates and inspires about different brands in their target audience.

Professional fashion photographers have the ability to showcase exactly what each brand stands for, who they are or where their brand is positioned in the industry. Each brand has its own story to tell and fashion photography is a great tool for describing it.  With the help of this great storyteller, you have the chance to show your brand to the world!

Fashion Photography In North Vancouver

Types Of Fashion Photography In Vancouver

High Fashion Photography

This type of fashion photography in Richmond is about selling or showcasing the attires and bringing in fashion houses’ creativity and styles. The photographers who are active in this genre can leave reality behind and get indigenous as this type of photography requires a massive production. The models for high fashion photography are famous actresses and actors. Since they are high-budget production, the quality should be the best and for this reason, photographers use full-frame cameras.

Catalogue Fashion Photography

Another type of fashion photography in Surrey is catalogue photography. This genre is similar to product photography that most businesses use. With the help of this type of fashion photography in Vancouver, people can understand how an item looks or fits before they purchase it. Usually, photographers use a neutral background that doesn’t distract the audience’s attention from the fashion. Creativity in this genre is low and photographers should avoid wide-angle lenses.

Runway Fashion Photography In Vancouver

This genre of fashion photography requires a fast lens to capture the motion of the models in low-light conditions. Many well-known fashion companies and labels use this technique to promote their products. Most of the time the clothing and accessories shown are styled in an unrealistic way which it’s called fashion! The combination of the model’s outfit, hairstyle, makeup, accessories, background and lighting describes a new or specific concept.

Photography for Editorial Use

Many fashion magazines use this genre and it’s a standard approach. This type of fashion photography in Vancouver can be relatable to the audience. Usually, there is a narrative arc throughout the photo, with the models changing outfits from morning to midday to evening. Each of these shoots illustrates a different concept, and the models should play out the parts and show genuine emotion to do the theme justice.

Advertising Fashion Photography In Vancouver

Fashion Advertising can include a single photo to multiple, simple to intricate pictures of products featuring top models or celebrities. For example, fashion magazines, bus shelter advertising or posts sponsored on social media platforms.

Fashion Photography In North Vancouver

Benefits Of Fashion E-Commerce Photography

  • Great E-commerce photography will increase the quality of your product, and this means that customers will find it exciting when they browse through the products. Don’t forget that low-quality product photos uploaded on your website can create a negative image of your brand and you definitely don’t want that to happen!
  • When you try fashion e-commerce photography, you can also highlight benefits. This type of photography, apart from showing pictures online and seeking attention from customers, will highlight the benefits of each product.
  • Pictures taken for E-commerce photography purposes will cost much less than full-fledged fashion photography. Fashion photography in Vancouver involves bigger money as it needs to be highly glamorous, glossy and ready for print and television media. Using this opportunity is a great option for you to go for global shoppers yet spend less on photography.


In this article, we talked about the different genres of fashion photography in Vancouver and the importance of this type of photography in Canada. The main goal of fashion photography is to show and describe fashion or a trendy way of life and a specific concept. In other words, a fashion photograph is simply a picture made specifically to show clothing or accessories, usually with the intent of documenting or selling the fashion. This type of advertising has sometimes been called ephemeral, commercial, and frivolous. Don’t forget that photography is one of the main tools that can help online businesses that want to attract shoppers’ attention. So, if you’re interested and want to capture high-quality pictures of your products, you can contact the Ramikar team.

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