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SEO is the major part of your online business site. What is important is how to have a adorable SEO. Here are some hints within you can improve your SEO. Follow the article in Ramikar so that you can have higher rank, traffic and better potential buyers.

Why Do We Use SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you stablish a new job or you have a service to provide; it is better to have an online website for it which is considered as online background for your services. SEO is the process of improving an online site using special structures and guidlines based on your specific search engine.

What Are Subheadings?

When you stablish a website for your business you must have some contents cor it. The contents help the audience get the whole sum of your website and what you do. The idea helps the so called search engine find the best results for people’s search. So you may have articles that include information based on what you serve. You should use subheadings for your website so people can find their answer based on the title of your subheadings.

What Is Alt Text?

Alt text is a phrase or sentence which is used to describe a photo or image in your article. Marketers should use alt text more because it can help the search engine understand your content better and have better results for the audience. Alt text describes the image perfectly and they can also be included with keywords.

What Is URL Slug?

The URL slug is the part of the URL that shows Google what the content is about. It is a wise method to tell both humans and Google what your content is about before they read it completely.If you want to create a flawless URL slug, then make it as short as possible. Shorter and cleaner URLs provide a better user experience and help search engines too.

Hand holding wooden board written with text website URL on a blue background.
Hand holding wooden board written with text website URL on a blue background.

The appearance of the Website

The appearance of your website needs to be mobile friendly and comfortable to use. There are some factors that can make your site better as follows:


By a quick search you can see the word “crawl” is used a lot. This means Google is searching through your site to try and figure out what it is about and how it works. Google identifies important keywords, diagnoses on-site issues, and uses these factors to determine where you rank.

The indexability of your site can settle your rankings. The more internal links you have between your site’s pages, the easier it is for the spiders to reach all of them, giving the search engine a better understanding of your site.

Duplicate Content:

Many people think if they copy their article from any other pages and put it in their own site, they will hurt the SEO and they may face duplicate content which in case of SEO is called canonical issues. But remember it is not the case. Reposting your content on other websites or publishing your guest posts again on your own site will not hurt your SEO unless you do it the wrong (spammy) way.

Mobile Friendly Websites:

To understand mobile friendliness you need to be familiar with Google and its guidlines. Google indexes for mobile first. This means we need to create a site which executes well on mobile because that will be one of the most important factors when Google determines how easy it is to crawl your site.Your Google search console can tell about on what Google thinks about your website if you take a look at it. Considering Google search console can help you fix your website easier.

Readability for Mobile:

If you care for readability you need to know that using short paragraphs including short sentences in at most four sentences can give you good readability on your website in smart phones. Using long paragraphs may lead to problems.

The word seo on yellow background. Top view. Flat lay.
The word seo on yellow background. Top view. Flat lay.

Why Is Page Speed Important?

In terms of page speed you need to know that Google puts a lot of emphasis on page speed and usability. If your site or certain elements on the site load too slowly, Google will penalize you or make it more difficult for you to reach a high rank on this search engine.

What Are HTTPS and SSL?

What a client can care about is the security and safety of the website this is why google cares too much about the security and safety of your website. Oneway to build this trust whether for your clients or Google to reach higher ranks or top position is through SSL certificates and HTTPS. This can put a lock next to your URL so that Google and your potential buyers can trust you easily.

What Is a Sitemap?

Big and huge companies have to have big and huge websites for example websites which are arranged to sell things are huge because they are always changing in case of selling the goods. These kind of sites need to have sitemaps such as WordPress and other similar sitemaps. Getting a sitemap would help these sites rank for each address, dramatically increasing the number of keywords they rank for, their traffic, and their domain authority.

Text Word press written on sticky note
Text Word press written on sticky note

How to Fix Canonicalization Issues:

When you are looking for fixing duplicate content issues you need to be more careful about the original issue. Fixing or removing it is usually as simple as removing a line of code or restructing the whole site.

How Ramikar Can Help You?

Ramikar is a website which can help you with your SEO system in your online business. All the parts which we mentioned in our article can be done by our team. We can easily help you with the help of the most experienced experts. Our team has done this for years so we know how to buid trust over your website and attract more traffic and audience.

How to Contact Us?

To contact us all you need to do is to click on the following link so you can easily contact our team. Keep in mind that our consultants are ready to answer any possible question you may have to ask.

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