What Is Link Building? And How It Works?

Link building is one of the most important parts of your website SEO. To have a better ranking in your search engine you need to have a perfect link building. Follow Ramikar to learn more about link building.

What Is Link Building?

First of all let’s get t9 know the definition of link building. Link building is the practice of building one-way hyperlinks (also known as “backlinks”) to a website with the goal of improving search engine visibility. Common link building strategies include content marketing, building useful tools, email outreach, broken link building and public relations.

Why Should I Care about the Links?

To be honest back then search engines did not pay attention to the links and all that mattered was the quality and quantity of your content but these days thanks to the improvement in technology search engines such as Google take underconsideration the quality and quantity of links and it also have direct impact on your ranking in the search engine.

What Is with Ramikar?

In terms of link buildings you have to be careful and delicate. Usually business men cannot do the link building without help of a good expert team. Ramikar includes the best marketers in Canada that have done SEO services for a long time so they actually know what they are talking about and they can help you with your link building.

What Is the Authority of Your Page?

When you use link buildings you need to know thay internal links have to be authentic. You need to have functional links and even the external links should be from famous trustworthy website. As you know having links from sites such as wikipedia is better to have links from websites with no name.

Your Links Should Be Relevant:

When you are building those links you need to care about the relevancy because you are not allowed to use completely different links which do not suit the subject and theg cannot count.

Where Should I Put My Links?

There are many different link building when it comes to websites. Some of them are just at the sidebars or footers which we need to tell you they are not worthy of link authority. It is better to use your links right in the middle of your content so that it is worthy and it can rank more in SEO and make you the first when the website comes at the top of your search engine.

Making Perfect Links:

Your links should be done in a way that your clients find them easy to work and also a need. You have to have interesting and informative links that make the customers click on them not because they have no other choice but thet find it useful.

Link building
Link building

What Is An Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the clickable text section of a link. You might know that Google uses anchor text as a ranking signal. So if you use anchor text in your articles of your websites you will have a better ranking on Google.

What Are Link Co-occurences?

Have you ever heard about the words around the anchor text? Words around the anchor text are called baby anchor text or in other words link co-occurences which can help Google to analyze and understand what your content is about. As you know, the more Google understand your content the better ranking you get when it comes to search engines.

Visual Assets Can Definately Improve Your Link Buidling:

Visual assets are images, diagrams, infographics and charts and other visual-oriented pieces of content. Every single click on one of the above visual assets is a link for you every sharing and using is a link so you reach a lot of traffic and trust through your visual assets. You can also give real life examples through this diagrams and others would use it as a fact.

You Can Use Lists to Create more Links for Your Website:

Using lists has always been functional yo create more links for your website and increase its clicks. Research has shown that websites which use lists to give numbered information have more links than the others.

Updated Information:

Using new original data can provide more links for you. People are always looking for websites that are updated and give brand new information about the subject they are looking for. So it is better to care about the content as is creates more links for you. And as you know links are one of the most important factors that Google takes under consideration to give you top ranking.

Black Hat Link Building:

When you are using Google as your search engine you need to know about Google’s webmaster guidlines. Whatever which does not suit in Google’s guidline is probably considered a black hat link building which gets penalty and ends up in lower ranking on Google.

top view of paper with concept words of seo, smartphone, pencil, pen, marker, paper cup, sticky
top view of paper with concept words of seo, smartphone, pencil, pen, marker, paper cup, sticky

What Is Google Penguin?

Google penguin is an algorithmic penalty that specifically targets sites that use spammy link building techniques (like shady guest posting and blog comment spam).

What Is a Manual Penalty?

A manual penalty is when someone gets a message from the Google search console and it is no via penguin. Our guess is that Google gets how a website is gaming the system with a black hat SEO and wants someone in Google to analyze the website and understand whether the website is clear or not. So the only way to escape this manual penalty is to have a clear link profile.

What Is a Natural Link?

Natural link is also called as quality link or good link. Natural links are links that are original. A natural link exists as a reference to a piece of content, website, or source. To be straght forward natural links are ones that do not get penalty based on Google’s guidlines.

What Does Ramikar Do?

Ramikar is a SEO team which does all the single part of your SEO including link building. We provide one of the best SEO services in Canada.

Why Should I Care about SEO?

SEO is literally all you need and have in hand when starting a business with an online background. These days we do all thing with our smart phones and laptops. Providing a good website is the only way to improve your business and make more money.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it helps you have a stable website. Doing the SEO in a right way can end in having a high ranking in search engines such as Google and soon you will be the top result in your search engine. People usually click on the first website they see in the results.

How to Contact Us?

As we have mentioned earlier and in other articles of us having a good and experienced team is all you need for your website. So contact us through this link as soon as possible.

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