The Most Important Points Of Real-Estate Photography In Vancouver

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What is the importance of real-estate photography in Vancouver? According to our 2023 Real Estate Marketing Trends survey, over 95% of real estate agencies use real estate photography to sell their listings better. A lot of people who want to buy a house surf the internet and look at homes for sale. Nothing can be more useful than high-quality photographs to attract potential buyers. It’s a fact that pictures are always breathtaking. real estate photography in Vancouver can ultimately improve the home-selling process. It may seem obvious that good photography and videography are essential for your success as a real estate professional. Statistics show that the impact of good visuals is almost shocking! In this article, the spotlight is on the benefits and the impact of professional real estate photography in Vancouver west. Let’s see how you can use this tool to improve your business.

Real-Estate Photography In North Vancouver

The First Impression Of Real-Estate Photography In Vancouver

There are many ways to sell a house such as using interior design and SEO strategies. With the help of these tools, you can attract buyers and set your home apart from the competition in Canada. But you should pay attention that a critical first step in real estate marketing is your photography. When customers begin looking for homes, the first thing they see is the photography of the property, right? Buyers use the photos you shared to imagine what the future might be like if they buy that property.

High-quality real-estate photos in Kitsilano are more than just well-exposed and composed images. Plus, online real estate images must also provide buyers with a complete picture of the property. Prospective home buyers want to see the property from top to bottom and inside and out. Hence, real-estate photography in Vancouver should take them on this tour, through each bedroom and bathroom, the basement, the living areas, the garage and the grounds.

Quicker Sales With Real-Estate Photography In Vancouver

You know that the real estate market is so competitive, but properties with high-quality photographs have a distinct advantage over their competitors. It’s interesting to know that properties with good photos sell 32% faster. Real estate photography in downtown can be a fantastic way for sellers to get the most for their homes and sell them quicker with the best price.

Real-Estate Photography In North Vancouver

Earn More Money With Real-Estate Photography In Vancouver

One of the most important aspects of professional real estate photography in Vancouver West is that properties that come with great and high-quality photos will sell for more money. And it has been a fact since many surveys across the country have proven this. According to these surveys, houses with professional photos received an astounding 50% higher asking price per square foot. Therefore, we can say that homes with high-quality photos will sell for more money.

Displaying real estate or property with high-definition pictures, taken by professional real estate photographers can not only help sell the property but can help sell it for a much better price because it will be perceived as more expensive.

Types Of  Professional Real-Estate Photography In Vancouver

Real estate drone photography

Professional real-estate photography in Vancouver can provide quality content using real estate drone photography. This type of real estate photography can be excellent marketing material for your brand. Of course, not every house and property needs drone photography, but aerial images can highlight those features for prospective clients if the house has a unique layout or outdoor quality.

3D virtual tours

Another type of real estate photography is 3D virtual tours. This type of photography provides potential buyers with an immersive experience by giving them the ability to walk through the property without leaving their desks! Plus, 3D virtual tours are available 24/7, making it easy for customers to view houses on their own time. As a real estate company, it’s so important to know that more than half of buyers find their homes online. Hence, offering 3D virtual tours can help you generate qualified leads and sell your listings much faster.

Floor plans

Floor plans similar to 3D virtual tours can give customers an idea of what the property actually looks like.

Virtual staging

The next type of real-estate photography in Vancouver is virtual staging. While you don’t want a listing to appear overly personal, it’s so important that buyers have the opportunity to imagine themselves in the space. Let’s face it, an empty room doesn’t always make that happen! This type of photography gives you an affordable way to showcase the space of the property. Plus, listings that feature virtual staging can sell 75% faster than listings without!

Real-Estate Photography In North Vancouver
Camera on a tripod in modern bedroom interior

What A Professional Real Estate Photographer Can Do?

Did you know that real estate agencies who use professional real-estate photography in Vancouver make double the average gross commissionable income compared to agencies who don’t? great real estate photography begins with a proper understanding and composition of visual story-telling. professional real estate photographers use the following bullet point list countless times a month to shoot real estate listings:

  • The proper time of day to shoot to get the best natural light
  • Skipping rooms or features that will not help market a property
  • The angles to shoot from to highlight a room’s best features
  • Which camera settings bring out the best qualities of a photo
  • How to scan space to make on-the-fly changes, boosting the appeal


In this article, we explained the importance of real-estate photography in Vancouver. Taking pictures of each house and property as the listing agent can be stressful and time-consuming. Plus, it takes time to upload, resize, and re-shoot if they’re blurry or of poor quality. So, hiring a real estate photographer at UBC to handle all of these steps instead of you, and also you can save a lot of time. Ramikar’s photography team will photograph, edit, resize and format the pictures and answer all of your questions about how and when to add them to your online listing.

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